Infrastructure: digital

Among all this talk about the internet tax, I wanted to look at the situation (and coz it was my job to do so as social media CEE).

It would seem these guys did not look beyond the immediate need to correct Hungary’s financial situation, and did not entirely consider that they would be levying insfrastructure (like I said, even the Romans knew that was key to advancement)… this coulda been one of the reasons they decided to come forward with the internet tax: numbers. Simply because lots of people are on it, and so it would mean lots of money.

(Let’s forget the 20bill vs 220bill mess-up… and the conspiracy theories behind it… and if they’re so stable, how come even for 20bill, they have to levy a special extra and industry-specific tax… ruining the spirit of venture capitalism, the idea that if you invest your money smart enough, you can earn a profit… no, profit is made to sound like it’s a sin from these extra/specific taxes targeting spheres with profit).

A step forward, but they’re just taking the limelight off the REAL problem, the CONCEPT is still there, Fidesz is trying to make this a fight about the AMOUNT.

A Fidesz az ELVET továbbra sem vetette el, még mindig csak a MENNYISÉGRŐL akar vitatkozni!




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